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If you are consumed with planning the perfect wedding then you are probably dealing with stress and anxiety about planning, whether anything will go wrong on the day, what others will think, and if you will find the perfect dress.

In this article, we will discuss how to manage wedding-day anxiety and give you a few tips on how to stay calm through the process.

Why Does My Wedding Give Me Anxiety?

Wedding nerves are normal! Almost every bride will experience anxiety, and no it doesn’t mean that you’ve made the wrong choice. The fact is, you are probably in the building phase of your career and are working hard while having to plan a wedding. This is a lot of pressure for anyone to handle and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Just remember that this will be the happiest day of your life because, at the heart of it all, you are marrying the person you love.

How to Calm My Nerves Before My Wedding

There are a few simple things you as a bride can do to melt away the stress and anxiety you might be feeling during wedding planning and enjoy the process along the way.

Create a To-Do List

When you start the wedding planning process it can often feel overwhelming with everything that needs to be done. As with everything that seems impossible in life, setting up a to-do list with small tasks to accomplish makes everything feel better somehow. When you start to tick things off and the list starts to shrink, it immediately alleviates the stress and anxiety surrounding the topic.

Do What Makes You Happy

Every bride and groom has struggled with the constant suggestions and comments that come from friends and family. Though well intended, this often adds a lot of stress. It is important to remember that this is YOUR day. This means that you and your partner should be doing what will bring you joy, and no one else. If the idea of a first dance is causing you to have sleepless nights, drop it! If you don’t want to wear a veil, don’t. Once you start taking charge of what you want and what will make you happy, the stress will melt away.

Indulge In Self-Care

It is important to look after yourself leading up to the big day. Whether this means more bubble baths with a glass of wine or working in the garden to forget about everything and connect to nature, do what brings you relaxation. It definitely won’t be beneficial to burn out due to you not taking time for yourself before your wedding!

Spend Quality Time With Your Partner

It is important to find time to spend and reconnect with your partner in this busy time. After all, they are probably the person that makes you feel the safest in the world. This should be a time that brings you closer together so try and create moments where you forget about the planning and everything in between, and focus on one another.

Find a Bridal Boutique That Understands You

It is important to find a bridal boutique that understands you, your body type, and the vision you have for your big day. The right boutique can make you feel special, calm, and confident on the way to finding your perfect dress. Once you have found the perfect dress and know that the alterations to be made and are in good hands you will be able to relax knowing that you will look absolutely stunning walking down the aisle. Bridal Wardrobe is a wedding dress boutique that puts brides first and ensures that they look and feel stunning on their big day. Book a consultation with Bridal Wardrobe and let us help you find the perfect dress.

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