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We all know that the conventional wedding season is between September and February, but if you are a bride that wants to make a statement and wander off the beaten path then a winter wedding is the answer. I mean what is more romantic than a cosy, intimate wedding where everyone can snuggle up with their partners?

A winter wedding, though beautiful and unique, can be a challenging one to get right. This is why we have put together a quick guide to ensure that you know how to create the perfect winter wedding. 

In this winter wedding guide we will cover the perfect colour scheme, delve into the best food and drink to serve and of course, explore the most fashionable dress options. 

What Colours Are Good for a Winter Wedding?  

When planning a wedding, one of the first considerations is the colour scheme. A winter wedding is all about creating a dramatic yet cosy atmosphere which is why there are a few popular colour schemes that do just that. Some of these colour schemes include: 

Winter Wedding Food and Drink

It’s time to dish up rich and tasty delicacies that make winter worth it! Whether you are a fan of a warm and tasty baked camembert with nuts and honey, or are a fan of the perfectly cooked pork belly, a winter wedding is every foodie’s dream. It is also the perfect opportunity to serve red wine, gluhwein, or a warming winter cocktail. 

Winter Wedding Dresses

Whether your aim is to keep warm or have a modest wedding dress that is awe-inspiring, a winter wedding dress can be the perfect opportunity to make a statement. You can make an entrance with a striking, structural, and fashionable dress. When looking for the perfect wedding dress there are a few aspects to keep in mind and that will ensure you are both beautiful and warm on your special day. 

There are many other ways to accessorise and embellish a winter wedding dress to ensure that you look perfect on your big day! Contact us at Bridal Wardrobe to find out more about how we can ensure that you look stunning on your wedding day!

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