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Best Wedding Dress Designers: Tips from the Experts

There’s a reason certain wedding dress designers in South Africa are named the best. They understand how important a wedding dress is for every bride-to-be and take multiple factors into consideration to find the perfect fit. The minute you answer ‘Yes’ to the big question, and all of the butterflies allow you to organise your thoughts again, one of the first things you’ll be thinking about is your wedding dress.

Many people have specific wedding dress designers in mind before the question even comes up – someone whose work they admire, follow on social media platforms, and fantasise about wearing on their special day.

While our Bridal Wardrobe team doesn’t necessarily stock the specific wedding dress designer you have in mind, we certainly can admire their craftsmanship, and we follow the same set of tips that any pro designer would give to a new bride-to-be. 

Best Wedding Dress Designers in South Africa: Key Advice

When you’re wedding dress shopping, you want the process to go as smoothly as possible to achieve the greatest outcome! Here’s a guide to help make that happen: 

Set a Budget

You want your perfect dress to work with your body type, your style, and also your budget. Before you get carried away with exuberant ideas and all of the additional accessories, draw out an approximate budget. It doesn’t have to be extremely rigid – allow for some leeway if there is a set of bridal jewellery that you simply cannot say no to, etc. It will allow you to control reckless spending, and manage your expectations and options. 

Start Bridal Dress Shopping Early

Unless you are hiring a wedding dress, you should start your shopping about 6-10 months prior to the wedding to allow time for multiple fittings (so you don’t rush your decision), alterations, and, of course, changing your mind about the dress if you find something you prefer. Don’t forget to book an appointment!

Be Prepared

To make your bridal shopping experience better for everyone involved, you need to do some of your own preparation before you come in for fittings. This includes:

  • Bring the correct undergarments – take a few different versions of bras to suit different styles, and wear nude colours so that they don’t pop out and ruin the look of the dress.
  • Don’t wear heavy makeup that will get on the dresses that you’re trying on. This may ruin your view of a dress, and tarnish the gowns you are fitting.
  • Bring the right shoes. If you’re planning on wearing heels with your dress, bring a pair of shoes that match the same height you want in your wedding shoes. This will help with accurate measurements, and allow you to envision how the dress will hang on you on the day. It will also help you see whether you can walk in it (which is super important!)

Affordable Wedding Dress Designers List

If you’re on the lookout for a designer aesthetic, the best advice you can get is in person, with a wedding dress boutique consultant who can look at your features and point you in the right direction. Our Bridal Wardrobe team is knowledgeable and helpful and can give brides-to-be and the rest of the wedding party attendees the right advice. Contact us for more information on making your special day the best it can be! 

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