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Wedding Dress Styles for Body Types

Wedding Dress Styles That Match Different Body Types

A wedding dress is a big deal for every bride-to-be. It’s one of the most personal garment choices you’ll ever make, and an important one for the photos! You want to look your absolute best on your special day, so you want to choose a dress that matches your style, accentuates your best features, and works seamlessly with your body type.

There are certain wedding dress styles that will suit one woman beautifully, and make another woman look frumpy. The important thing is to find wedding dress styles and materials that will have your hubby-to-be and your wedding guests gasping at the sight of you.

Every woman is unique in her height, weight, and shape. Your shape is called your “body type” and, even though those who fall into that type are going to have differences, there is a general rule of thumb when it comes to clothes that work best for each type.

Rectangle Body Type

This body type is usually straighter in shape, where hips, waist, and bust are relatively equal in measurement. If you have a slightly larger bottom, you may want to consider pear-shaped options as well. This body shape isn’t very curvaceous, so if you want to add in the illusion of curves, there are certain dress types that you should pick. These include:

  • Dresses that hug your figure softly with accentuating lines by the waistline
  • Having a belt that hugs your waist can make your waist appear smaller, giving you an hourglass look
  • We suggest a dress like the beautiful Pauline

Hourglass Body Type

You’re most likely an hourglass type if your bust and hips are similar measurements, with a smaller waist. To complement these curves, you can wear dresses that:

  • Show off your bust in a neckline that curves gently
  • Aren’t hiding your waist – your dress should complement the natural curves of your body
  • Are like our magnificent Selene 

Pear-Shaped or Triangle

These body types have larger hips and smaller shoulders. Dresses that work for these measurements include:

  • One with a more defined waist and more flounce in the skirt
  • Emphasis on your favourite feature. You can either choose to hide your wider hips, or to show them off!
  • The slender Normandie

Apple (or Round)

This body type carries their weight around their midsection, predominately, with smaller shoulders and smaller legs. Dresses that work for this body type:

  • Accentuate the bust and legs
  • Aren’t too tight
  • Are just like our Natsuko

Bridal Wardrobe is a specialised wedding boutique that offers brides-to-be multiple options and styles of breath-taking wedding dresses, to suit any body type and every budget!  Give us a call to book an appointment.

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