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Your wedding is the single best day of your life, other than the birth of your children. It is therefore important that you spend the time and money to ensure it is everything you have ever dreamed of and more. However, creating this perfect day does not come without a price. 

In this article, we will break down a wedding budget and list everything you should keep in mind when working out what you can spend on your big day. 

What Are the Biggest Expenses for a Wedding?

There are many expenses to think of when planning a wedding. It is good to keep all of these expenses in mind so that you do not end up overspending on one area, only to have to compromise on another item. 


Your wedding venue will probably be the largest expense of your wedding. Where you say your vows can make or break a wedding. If your venue isn’t set in a beautiful environment and does not convey your personal style and personality it can be a bit disappointing. After all, every bride wants to get married at a beautiful location that she will remember forever. However, booking the perfect location can become a bit pricy. 


Food and drink is another big expense. Depending on the number of courses, the intricacy of the food, and the number of people you invite the amount payable can skyrocket. Let’s also not forget the cake, as this would also form part of your catering expense. There are ways to reduce this price, for example, many couples choose to have guests pay for their own drinks. 

Photography and Videography

A photographer that is worthwhile, and will capture your day and relationship perfectly can cost a lot of money. Then, if you decide to opt for a videographer to remember your day in all of its glory, this expense will rise even further. However, the price you pay to receive keepsakes of your special day will always be worth it. This way, the best day of your life will never fade into memory. 


Having music at your wedding is an undeniable requirement. The only question that remains is whether you are going to splurge on a live band or DJ, or if you’re going to opt for a playlist compiled on a music streaming app. While the one might be much cheaper, a live artist will provide you with special and unique memories. 

Flowers & Decor

Flowers and decor are what take a space from beautiful to awe-inspiring and truly memorable. If you find and book the right venue, you won’t have to spend too much on flowers and decor to elevate the space, but you will still need some budget tucked away to make it truly special. 

Wedding Rings

You can’t tie the knot without the wedding rings with which you will declare your undying love and devotion. The price of your wedding rings will depend on the material used to craft these special symbols of commitment. If you choose to opt for 18-carat white gold it will definitely cost more than if your rings are made from silver. However, rings aren’t cheap and this should always be budgeted for. 

Wedding Dress

A bride cannot walk down the aisle without a wedding dress that makes her look and feel like a princess. Finding the perfect dress is an extremely important part of planning a wedding and it should never be disregarded. One should therefore always ensure that one has an appropriate amount of money available to ensure your look and feel amazing and confident on your special day.

What Budget Do You Need for a Wedding? 

There is no set budget for what one will need to plan and pay for a fabulous wedding. Your budget depends entirely on the type of wedding you dream of having and the money you have managed to save up by the time you are ready to start planning. There are ways of working smartly with the budget you have available. Perhaps your friend is a jeweller and can give you a discount on your rings, or your family member owns your dream venue and can help you afford your ideal location. However, with careful planning one will always find a way to plan the perfect wedding. 

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