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If you’ve attended a wedding recently, chances are you were captivated by the beauty of the bride in her flowing gown and veil. Most brides nowadays opt to wear the traditional veil on their wedding day. Curious to know why do brides wear veils? Read on to discover the history of the veil, the symbolic meaning behind it, and the types of veils that are popular today.

What Is A Veil?

A thin piece of fabric traditionally worn by brides on their wedding day. Originally made from silk or tulle, and attached to the bride’s hair with combs or clips and draped over her head and shoulders.

What Is The History of the Veil?

The origins of the veil date back to the ancient Roman civilisation, where it was believed to offer the bride protection from evil spirits. The veil, also called a flammeum, was made of bright yellow or orange fabric and covered the bride from head to toe. This colour resembled a flame and was thought to ward off these spirits.

The symbolic meaning of the veil shifted in Christianity when it was used to represent purity before marriage. As part of the wedding ceremony, the bride would lift her veil for the groom to signify him being her chosen one. This act also symbolised their first kiss as husband and wife.

For other cultures, the veil had a different meaning. In Muslim weddings, brides often wear a hijab. This represents modesty as they are only seen by their spouses during the ceremony.

What Does A Veil Symbolise In Today’s Wedding Ceremonies?

Today, the symbolic meaning of the veil depends on the culture and religion of a couple. For many cultures, it remains a sign of purity before marriage.

In certain contemporary weddings, the veil has taken on a different symbolic meaning. For some, it represents the transformation from being single to entering married life.

Others may view it as a way to demonstrate the bride’s transition from the care of her father to the care of her husband.

Types Of Veils

The different types of veils depend on the length, material, and style.

The most common types of veils are:

Does A Bride Have To Wear A Veil?

No, you do not have to wear a veil if you do not want to.

Whether or not a bride chooses to wear a veil is ultimately her decision. However, if you are looking for the perfect accessory to complete your bridal look – a veil can be the perfect finishing touch.

Want A Bridal Veil For Your Wedding?

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