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Once the “I do’s” have been said, the cake has been cut, and the honeymoon has come to an end, you might start to wonder, “Is this the end of the line for my perfect gown and I?” Too much time and effort go into finding the perfect wedding dress, it would just be a shame for you to only enjoy its beauty for one day. Luckily, your dusty spare closet doesn’t have to be the final destination of your wedding dress. 

Bridal Wardrobe has compiled a list of 4 things you can do with your old wedding dress: 

Turn Your Dress into Art

If you fell in love with your wedding dress when you put it on, turn it into a work of art to fall in love with every day for the rest of your life. Frame your wedding dress and hang it up in your bedroom or closet to create a sentimental show-stopping decor piece. 

Donate and Share the Love

A wedding dress is filled with love, and what better way to give your dress a second life than to pass that love onto someone in need. Whether you donate it to your local hospice or work with a non-profit, you’ll feel good knowing you put a smile on a bride’s face. 

Throw a Wedding Dress Sleepover

Give your dress a few more nights to shine! Throw a wedding-themed cocktail party for you and your girlfriends, where all of you don your wedding gowns. Take lots of pics to share on social media and make even more memories in your dress to look back on in the future. 

Turn Your Wedding Dress into a Cocktail Dress

If one of the above-mentioned options doesn’t suit you, why not consider taking your beloved dress out on the town and turning it into a cocktail dress. 

You’ve probably met with a professional seamstress to get your wedding dress tailored, why not contact her after the wedding to have a custom cocktail dress made? Your dress is already customised to fit you perfectly, so why wouldn’t you want to wear it?

Depending on the design of your dress, you can for instance utilise the upper part of the dress and pair it with a new shorter skirt. Or you can take it one step further and dye your wedding dress a new colour. You can opt for a royal blue or even black and turn your white gown into a statement piece for when you hit the town. 

Companies that Repurpose Wedding Dresses

Sadly, there is a huge scarcity of companies that repurpose wedding dresses in South Africa. However, this is an opportunity for you to either DIY or support your local seamstress. If you are handy with a needle and thread, you might have just identified your gap in the market. 
But before you can repurpose your wedding dress, you still have to find the perfect one! Contact Bridal Wardrobe for a consultation to help you find the dress of your dreams!

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