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A wedding is a joyous occasion, but for a bride, it can also be super stressful. Chances are, the wedding involved a whole lot of planning, money, and time, and emotions are everywhere. Anyone who has been invited to the wedding is expected to behave in a certain way to make sure that the day runs smoothly and that the bride and groom have a memorable time with those they care for.

Whether you have a verbal filter or not, there are some things that should not be said or done at or before the wedding as a rule of thumb.

What Are the Do’s and Don’ts at a Wedding?

When it comes to the do’s we recommend following common courtesy and common sense. Be polite and mindful of the happy couple, and mind your p’s and q’s. As for the don’ts, we have a few rules for each of the wedding parties.

As the bride’s Family:

Some examples of things you should not say as the bride’s family include:

As the bride’s Friends

The friend’s role at the wedding is very important, here are a couple of don’ts for the day

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