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As far as wedding dress trends go, the boho style has been gaining popularity over the past year. From its relaxed and effortless vibe to its unique details, it’s no wonder that more and more brides are opting for a boho style wedding dress on their big day. But what is a boho style wedding dress? And how does it look? Will this be the perfect style for you? Find out your answers right here! 

What is a Boho Style Wedding Dress?

A boho, short for bohemian, wedding dress embodies a carefree, eclectic, and romantic aesthetic. It’s typically characterised by its flowy silhouettes, soft fabrics, and intricate detailing. With a mix of vintage-inspired elements and modern touches, boho wedding dresses are perfect for the laid-back and free-spirited bride. 

Where Did This Wedding Dress Come From?

This wedding dress style goes way back to the early 19th century when the bohemian movement emerged in France.

Bohemians were known for their unconventional and artistic lifestyles, which deeply influenced their fashion sense. They were often seen wearing loose-fitting dresses with flowy layers and natural fabrics, which later became the foundation of a boho style wedding dress. 

How Do You Classify A Boho Wedding Dress?

A bohemian wedding dress has three distinct features that make it stand out from other styles. These features are:

Examples Of Bohemian Wedding Dresses

At Bridal Wardrobe, we have a wide range of boho wedding dresses from lacey to simple and everything in between. Here are three examples to give you an idea of what we offer:

1. Cadence: She steals hearts with her embroidered lace motifs paired with Chantilly lace. The perfect lace boho wedding dress.

2. Perry: Fall in love with her crepe fabric body contouring with lace elegantly falling into a floral train. She is the one if you’re looking for a boho beach wedding dress.

3. Bliss: She is just pure bliss. Her whimsical A-line silhouette is coupled with delicate floral lace appliqués and a romantic, lightweight chiffon skirt. Perfect for the boho bride who loves to twirl.

Is This The Style For You?

A boho dress and wedding theme resembles natural, effortless and carefree beauty. If this is something you have always envisioned for your big day, then a boho style dress might just be the one for you.

Make an appointment at Bridal Wardrobe today, and find the perfect dress for hire or purchase for your bohemian wedding.

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