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Let’s be honest, every bride wants to look and feel like their best self on their big day. However, you don’t just want to look great, you also want to feel comfortable and confident enough to dance and enjoy all the wedding festivities. 

No Shapewear Needed Wedding dresses

Luckily, Bridal Wardrobe has several supportive and flattering gowns available that ensure you don’t even need shapewear. Here are some examples of the no shapewear needed wedding dresses:

Shapewear for Each Wedding Dress Style

Just like there’s a perfect dress for every bride, there’s the perfect shapewear for every style of dress. And if your opting for a style with less support or less forgiving material, the following few tips will help you. 

Silky Satin Slip Dress

When wearing a slip or sheath gown you opt for a strapless bra with a high-waisted shapewear bottom. This style will flatten your stomach and smooth out any unwanted lumps or bumps. The shapewear bottoms should start directly below your strapless bra and go down to just above your knees, this will ensure that there are no visible seam lines. 

Backless Gown

Here is where it gets tricky! A gown with an open back always looks stunning, but how do you still get the desired shaping and support without bra lines on your back? For a dress like this, we recommend a strapless bodysuit with a low open back. The bodysuit will help you get the lift and smoothness you desire but won’t show on the back. If the back is so low that a bodysuit won’t cut it, opt for an adhesive bra or breast lift tape. 

Can Shapewear Be Sewn into a Wedding Dress?

After you’ve found your dream dress it’s crucial to work with an experienced seamstress to ensure your dress fits like a glove. At this point, a seamstress can sew in bust cups or any other type of shapewear to give you the maximum amount of support without any lines or seams showing. 

Do Most Brides Wear Shapewear?

Almost every bride wears shapewear on their wedding day, but no one talks about it. Romantic movies and tv shows have created the impression that your bridal wardrobe begins and ends when you say yes to the perfect dress, but that’s not always the case. Except with Bridal Wardrobe that is the case!

Our gowns are exceptionally comfortable and supportive, ensuring that you don’t have to pull and tug on your gown the whole evening. 
Book your appointment at Bridal Wardrobe and try out a few modern, beautiful, and flattering gowns. Whether you want to buy or rent the wedding dress of your dreams, we have a variety of stunning options to choose from.

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