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Your wedding day is the one day when there is no room for fashion mistakes. While you’re searching for the perfect fit and design, remember that the colour of your wedding dress is also a significantly important aspect to consider. Choosing a wedding dress based on what colours suit your skin tone perfectly will ensure that your already natural beauty shines at the ceremony and in the photos.

Choosing the wrong colour hue for your bridal gown can make you look washed out, tired, or ‘too pink’ in your wedding day photos, which you will want to avoid. Read more to find out everything you need to know on how to choose a wedding dress for your skin tone.

Why Does Wedding Dress Colour Matter?

Selecting the perfect colour dress for your big day will bring out the best in your complexion and overall appearance. The ideal dress will complement your body and style, while the ideal colour will make your skin glow and complete the look.

When dress shopping, look for one in a hue that will not make your skin look dull, overly saturated, or orange. Some colour dresses can even make your skin appear grey or washed out. This indicates that you are wearing a “cold” colour and have a cool skin tone!

A good rule of thumb is for cool skin tones to opt for warm-tone dresses, and for warm skin tones to opt for cool-tone dresses. Remember, opposites attract!

The Different Dress/Lining Colours You Can Choose From:

The colour ivory is a classic choice for any bride. It is light, creamy, and has a hint of warmth.

Nude wedding dresses are becoming more popular these days and are often described as having a pinkish-beige tone.

Sand coloured dresses have an orangey-brown hue that closely resembles the colour of sand.

Beige and nude are often confused; however, beige has more of a yellowish-brown tone.

Hazel is a popular wedding colour that is a combination of brown and beige. It has an almost peachy tone to it.

How To Pick A Dress Colour Based On Your Skin Tone

1) Determine your skin tone

To determine your skin tone, look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. If they appear blue or purple, you likely have cool-toned skin – if they appear more greenish, then you probably have warm-toned skin.

2) Try on different colour dresses

Once you have determined your skin tone, try on dresses in various hues to see which ones look the best. To see if the dress colour really matches your skin tone, try it on in natural light. The effect of natural light will give you a better idea of what the colour looks like in real life.

3) Ask for feedback

When you try on the dress, ask family and friends for their honest opinion. If they think the colour is too bright or dull, you should try a different dress.

If you’re not 100% sure about your skin tone, ask the consultants at Bridal Wardrobe. We will help you find the dress of your dreams, ensuring that your wedding day is the fairy tale that you have always wanted. Book a consultation today!

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