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In the 2000’s a large wedding with an opulent gown, material drapings, cascading flower arrangements, and an elaborate cake was the “in thing”. But we are now in the 20’s and things have changed dramatically. After 2020 the lens shifted and people realised who and what was truly important to them. This, in turn, caused exclusivity to become the new trend. Small, simple, beautiful, and chic weddings are now what is considered the perfect wedding.

In this article, we will discuss how you can create the perfect intimate, simple, and chic wedding.

How Do you Have a Chic Wedding?

There are a few ways to ensure that you achieve a perfectly chic wedding. The best thing is, it is super easy to achieve and might require less planning in the long run!

The Environment

One of the biggest telltale signs of a chic wedding is the venue. Instead of opting for a venue that is a blank slate and has to be done up from scratch; choose a venue that is already spectacular and that does not need much decorating. You are looking for a venue that takes your breath away as you walk in. While these venues might cost a little more initially, it is important to realise that your decorating fees will decrease dramatically.  This might require you to think outside of the box when it comes to finding a venue that is truly unique. Perhaps the venue you choose won’t even be advertised as a wedding venue.

An Exclusive Guest List

Exclusivity is everything and this means that your guest list will be small and intimate. This will allow for many benefits. No longer will you have a bunch of people at your wedding that 10 years down the line you won’t even remember or talk to anymore. A smaller guest list will allow you to speak to every person there, and enjoy the evening, instead of greeting masses of people throughout the entire event. Your costs will also decrease as you won’t have to pay for as many plates of food. This can even allow you to opt for a decadent menu, where each morsel can truly be enjoyed.

A Simple Wedding Dress

A simple, elegant, and stunning wedding dress will give an heir of sophistication. There is something to be said for timeless fashion. Fashion and what is considered fashionable comes and goes, but elegance will always remain beautiful. The last thing you want is to one day look back at your wedding photos and muse at a fashion fopar. Therefore, try to find a wedding dress that is classic and timeless in its beauty.

A Specific Dress Code

With all of the effort you have put in to ensure that your big day is elegant and chic, the last thing you want is for your guests to ruin the entire affair with a pair of jeans or a flannel shirt. While this might sound unbelievable, it has happened! It is therefore important to stress the dress code to your wedding guests. It is advisable to be as specific as possible, after all, there is a difference between formal and black tie.

While there might still be a few details to iron out, once you have these elements figured out, most of your wedding should be planned and ready to go when aiming for a simple and chic wedding.

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