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Every bride-to-be reading this might think that they have their wedding planned perfectly to the last detail, but you might have forgotten a very special and important element. A gift for the groom-to-be. Although promising to love each other for better or worse is the best gift a wedding can give you and your partner, a little wedding present to your groom might just be the perfect way to calm their nerves and show them you care.

After all, it is customary for a bride and groom to exchange gifts on their wedding day. So, it’s time to start looking for the ideal gift. It’s up to you if you want to keep it practical or sentimental. 

Why Every Bride Should Get Their Groom a Gift 

Every happy couple will go home with rings on their fingers and a car full of wedding gifts from their friends and family. This might get you thinking, why must you buy another gift?

First and foremost, it’s a lovely way to begin the wedding day. The bride and groom exchange wedding gifts on the day before or on the day of the wedding. On wedding mornings, many modern couples spend some private time together before seeing each other all dressed up walking down the aisle. This is the ideal occasion for exchanging gifts – plus hugs and kisses!

Secondly, your bride and groom gifts will most likely be the most memorable and sentimental wedding gifts either of you will receive. This is especially true if you select a personalised DIY gift or something they can wear on the big day!

Bridal Wardrobe has compiled a list of both cute DIY gift ideas and special wedding day gift ideas for the groom.

Sentimental Gifts for the Groom 

Sentimental gifts are usually a bit more budget-friendly but have the DIY aspect to them that just shows the groom how much thought and effort went into the gift. Consider the following 2 gift ideas for his big day: 

The ‘Story of Us’ Map

This charming present will be the ideal addition to your new little family home’s décor! He’ll appreciate how nostalgic this gift is, and it’ll transport you back in time to the beginning of your love story. 

This gift entails printing out the exact location you met, where you had your first kiss and where you’re getting married. Cut out these locations in a shape of a heart, and frame to make the perfect nostalgic memento. 

Book of Love Coupons 

Love coupons is a simple and joyful DIY gift to give to your groom to be. These are a great way to make sure your first few activities together as newlyweds are romantic and fun. Include small things like taking out the garbage or going on your first date as husband and wife. You can easily design and print them or even handwrite them. 

Wedding Day Gifts for the Groom 

If you don’t consider yourself to be a crafty bride, Bridal Wardrobe has some elegant options available to gift to your groom to wear on the big day: 

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