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Elopement weddings – what a romantic and intimate way to tie the knot with your partner! But what to wear for the event is a whole different story. Do you wear a wedding dress if you want to elope, or should you just keep it casual? This is a bride-to-be’s decision, but since you’re reading this, you have probably already decided to go for an elopement wedding dress. 

So, how do you find the perfect one for your elopement?

Here’s a checklist to help you out. (And find bonus elopement wedding dress examples below)

#1. Think About The Location

Before thinking about the style of your wedding dress, consider the location. If you’re eloping to a beach or in the woods, your dress should match the vibe of that place. A flowy and lightweight dress would be perfect for a beach wedding, while a lace gown would blend well with a forest setting.

#2. Determine The Season

Once you’ve pinched the location, consider the season you’ll be getting married in.

Temperatures can fluctuate depending on where you are, so consider this when choosing the fabric and length of your dress. A long-sleeved wedding dress would be great for winter elopement, while a strapless and lighter dress would be ideal for summer.

#3. Choose A Wedding Dress Style

There are many different wedding dress styles, each complimenting a different body shape

The four wedding dress styles include:

Your body shape, personal preference, and comfort level will help you decide which style is best for you. 

For instance, A-line dresses are universally flattering, while ball gowns can create a dramatic silhouette. Sheath dresses are ideal for showing off curves, and trumpet/mermaid dresses are perfect for brides who want to accentuate their figure.

#4. Choose A Suitable Material

Wedding dress materials vary from chiffon and satin to tulle and lace –  each giving a different look and feel.

To choose a suitable material for your wedding dress, it is best to browse each fabric and check its weight, flow, and drape. This will indicate what fabric you love the most and what would best suit the location and weather of your elopement wedding.

#5. Don’t Forget About Comfort

Luckily, with elopement weddings, you don’t have to worry about walking down a long aisle or dancing for hours on end. But it’s still important to prioritise comfort when choosing your dress. You don’t want to feel restricted or uncomfortable while exchanging vows and taking photos.

#6. Set Up A Budget

Elopement wedding dresses can be more budget-friendly, but this is not always the case. It’s important to set a budget and stick to it when choosing your wedding dress.

Note that buying a wedding dress often costs more than just hiring a wedding dress, so be sure to weigh up your options and decide what is best for you and your budget. (Keep in mind that you may also need to budget for alterations.

Elopement Wedding Dress Examples

Have a look at our beautiful wedding dresses below to get some inspiration for your elopement wedding dress. 

Each dress is unique, featuring a different style, material, and price range, so you’re sure to find something that suits your taste and budget. (You never know, one of these dresses might be ‘The One’!)

Love – Cashia

Love- Bethenny

Enzoani – Shayla

Etoile – Avril

Pen•Liv – Bellina

Pen•Liv – Bettie

Get Your Dream Elopement Dress Today!

If you follow this checklist when choosing your elopement wedding dress, you’ll soon say your vows in the perfect dress.

At Bridal Wardrobe, we have a variety of wedding dresses for your elopement, whether you’re going for a romantic lace look or a simple and elegant satin dress. 

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