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As soon as that ring box pops open with a precious question inside, the hunt for the perfect wedding dress begins. Sadly, most of us won’t be receiving an invitation to the Oscars anytime soon, which means your wedding dress will probably be the most elegant dress you’ll ever get to wear. However, although the love you share with your partner might be priceless, wedding dresses aren’t.  

Suddenly the reality sets in that you will only wear this dress once in your life, and just like that, the inner bargain hunter in us all takes over the wedding planning. Don’t stress, you are not the only one who has considered dress options that won’t blow the entire wedding budget. 

The answer to your dress dilemmas might be shopping for affordable wedding dresses online. Shopping and browsing wedding dresses online gives you access to frequent promotions and keeps you in the loop of any big day deals. 

Affordable Wedding Dresses: Online Shopping Tips

Shopping and booking wedding dresses online is not only cost-effective but convenient as well. Who says wedding planning has to be stressful, now you can browse a massive selection of affordable wedding gowns online while lounging on the couch with a glass of wine. It’s impossible to look at every dress in a store, but when shopping and browsing online, you have all the different styles and price ranges at your fingertips. Before you say yes to the dress, here are a few tips on shopping for an affordable wedding dress online : 

Start Early

The early bride catches the best deal! You need to set aside ample amounts of time to find the perfect dress, at an even more perfect price. This allows enough time for arrival and alteration if necessary. 

This Is Not a Rehearsal 

If you’re planning to lose weight for the wedding, buy the size that fits you now.  It’s a much easier task to take a dress in than let it out. You don’t want to have to buy a second new wedding dress because yours is too small. 

Save Room In the Budget for Alterations 

When buying a wedding dress alterations are almost always necessary, especially when you shop online. It’s advisable to budget for approximately R2000 worth of alterations. You don’t want your wedding to become ‘gown optional’ because your dress is too big. If you don’t need the alteration budget, you just have some extra spending money for the honeymoon. 

Rent a Dress

Is the fact that you’re only going to wear this dress once in your life still stuck in your mind? That’s why it’s perfect that Bridal Wardrobe offers stunning gowns for hire at affordable prices. Renting a dress from Bridal Wardrobe will inevitably be a memorable experience, not just because of the wedding photos, but because of the attention to detail and bridal experience that the team offers. 

Affordable Wedding Dresses South Africa

Looking to buy or rent an affordable wedding dress in South Africa? Bridal Wardrobe offers you the luxury to browse their entire collection of stunning gowns, view great November promotions, and conveniently book a consultation online. 

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