How To Choose The Right Shape Of Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

A woman trying on a wedding dress with the help of two wedding stylists.

There are many different wedding dress styles out there, each having a specific shape and design to flatter different body types. If you’re looking for your perfect wedding dress but are not sure which shape would suit you best, read this article! Here, you’ll learn how to choose wedding dress shapes for body types. Body […]

What Is A Boho Style Wedding Dress? + Examples

bride and groom dressed in bohemian style clothing

As far as wedding dress trends go, the boho style has been gaining popularity over the past year. From its relaxed and effortless vibe to its unique details, it’s no wonder that more and more brides are opting for a boho style wedding dress on their big day. But what is a boho style wedding […]

Why Do Brides Wear Veils?

bride wearing a wedding dress and a veil

If you’ve attended a wedding recently, chances are you were captivated by the beauty of the bride in her flowing gown and veil. Most brides nowadays opt to wear the traditional veil on their wedding day. Curious to know why do brides wear veils? Read on to discover the history of the veil, the symbolic […]

Tips For Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses In South Africa

bridesmaids wearing blue bridesmaids dresses holding a bouquet of colourful flowers

Bridal parties have been a cherished tradition for years and show no signs of fading away. Everyone wants their best friends to stand alongside them when they take the plunge. A big part of having a bridal party is to choose bridesmaid dresses that not only look great on each individual but also fit the […]

The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Dress Styles

three different styled wedding dresses on mannequins.

Shopping for your dream wedding dress can be overwhelming. With all the different types of wedding dress styles out there, where do you even begin? Read this ultimate guide to wedding dress styles, and you’ll know exactly what style will flatter your figure and make you feel like a true bride! 1. The A-Line or […]

Wedding Dress Trends For 2023

woman sitting in wedding dress in front of a row of wedding dresses

The coming year is set to be a remarkable one for brides-to-be, with a plethora of exquisite styles and designs that will leave you breathless. But with all the styles and designs out there, how can you stay ahead of the curve? Here are some of the wedding dress trends for 2023 that are set […]

How to Choose a Wedding Dress for Your Skin Tone

Your wedding day is the one day when there is no room for fashion mistakes. While you’re searching for the perfect fit and design, remember that the colour of your wedding dress is also a significantly important aspect to consider. Choosing a wedding dress based on what colours suit your skin tone perfectly will ensure […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Shopping for a Wedding Dress

Wedding dress shopping can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of the wedding planning process. You get to enjoy trying out every dress imaginable with those closest to you and let’s not forget the moment that you actually find that one perfect dress. It is absolutely unforgettable. However, there are some things to keep […]

Why You Should Look at Finding a Wedding Dress for Hire

You have gotten engaged, and now your secret wedding dress Pinterest board is all you can think of. You’re immediately wondering if you should go for an A-line, mermaid, or ball gown cut. Suddenly it dawns on you; how much would that cost? If you are a bride that wants the wedding dress of your […]

Finding the Perfect Dress for Your Destination Wedding

Have you decided to do things your own way and fly across the world to the most romantic destination to get married? Well, we applaud you! There is nothing more special than a destination wedding. However, now that you have decided on a destination wedding, you might be wondering if this influences your dress choice […]

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