Gifts for the Groom from the Bride

Every bride-to-be reading this might think that they have their wedding planned perfectly to the last detail, but you might have forgotten a very special and important element. A gift for the groom-to-be. Although promising to love each other for better or worse is the best gift a wedding can give you and your partner, […]

Best Bridal Emergency Kit

As you start counting down the days to your big day, your mind is most likely filled with endless planning and to-do lists. After picking the perfect venue and saying yes to your dream dress there’s one more thing you need to add to the checklist to ensure a perfect day: a bridal emergency kit. […]

What to Do with Your Old Wedding Dress?

Once the “I do’s” have been said, the cake has been cut, and the honeymoon has come to an end, you might start to wonder, “Is this the end of the line for my perfect gown and I?” Too much time and effort go into finding the perfect wedding dress, it would just be a […]

Wedding Dress Shapewear 101

Let’s be honest, every bride wants to look and feel like their best self on their big day. However, you don’t just want to look great, you also want to feel comfortable and confident enough to dance and enjoy all the wedding festivities.  No Shapewear Needed Wedding dresses Luckily, Bridal Wardrobe has several supportive and […]

Beautiful Wedding Dresses 2021 – Styles

A wedding dress is unique for everyone – you can get it in a different colour, in different materials, and in various styles. Whether you are buying a new one, renting one, or borrowing one, you want your wedding dress to reflect your style and taste, and to assist with a gorgeous wedding album. Going […]

Affordable Wedding Dresses

As soon as that ring box pops open with a precious question inside, the hunt for the perfect wedding dress begins. Sadly, most of us won’t be receiving an invitation to the Oscars anytime soon, which means your wedding dress will probably be the most elegant dress you’ll ever get to wear. However, although the […]

What Should You Never Say to a Bride?

A wedding is a joyous occasion, but for a bride, it can also be super stressful. Chances are, the wedding involved a whole lot of planning, money, and time, and emotions are everywhere. Anyone who has been invited to the wedding is expected to behave in a certain way to make sure that the day […]

Best Wedding Dress Designers

Best Wedding Dress Designers: Tips from the Experts There’s a reason certain wedding dress designers in South Africa are named the best. They understand how important a wedding dress is for every bride-to-be and take multiple factors into consideration to find the perfect fit. The minute you answer ‘Yes’ to the big question, and all […]