Planning a destination wedding

shutterstock_221231791The planning of a destination wedding is thrilling, adrenaline fuelled, magical – and of course, stressful. It is definitely easy to find yourself overwhelmed by the task at hand – just watch one of those reality shows about destination weddings and you will know what we mean. Stress levels are heightened during this period of time, particularly when planning a “one of a kind” destination wedding. With this in mind, here are a few important things to consider when planning a magical, get-away wedding.


Planning a destination wedding is a large undertaking that comes with a lot of choices and decisions, one such consideration is the size of your guest list. Once you have decided on a destination wedding you can automatically assume the number of potential guests will decrease in size, the further away the location of your wedding the fewer guests are likely to attend. Ensure that all the most important people in your life have sufficient time to save and plan for the trip.


Once you have settled on your wedding’s official guest list it is time to begin considering the issue of accommodation. As your guest list will be comprised of individuals who are willing and able to spend the money on travel, many engaged couples planning a destination wedding pay for the necessary accommodation.


What would a wedding be without favours? Put together an amazing gift bag for your destination wedding attendants and include the following:

  • A kit of emergency items your guests may have forgotten to pack, this can include everything from toothbrushes and toothpaste to sunblock, sunglasses and a beach towel.
  • A stylish tote or beach bag
  • A small photo album
  • Customised luggage tags
  • Map of the area
  • Lip balm
  • Travel games


Pay careful attention to the weather and season of your intended destination. You will want to avoid winter as well as the height of the tourist season as prices tend to sky rocket when tourists flood in.

Then comes the budget. Stressed? Don’t be!


From the dress to the photographer, many couples need to save for some time before they are able to afford all the wedding essentials they desire. While you will not want to cut corners when it comes to something as important as the wedding photographer, there are many areas in which expenses can be minimised. This is an activity which is particularly important when planning a destination wedding.


Guests love getting little gifts to take home with them, which is why wedding guest favours are always a hit. This is also the perfect opportunity to exercise your creativity and produce fun DIY wedding guest favours.

  1. shutterstock_414452338Homemade candles
  2. Candy and sweets
  3. Luggage tags
  4. Beach towels
  5. Tea and coffee drinking kits
  6. Homemade jams
  7. Beach sandals
  8. Sunblock containers
  9. Signature cocktails and their recipes
  10. Coasters with the map of the location at which your wedding is held
  11. Customised match boxes
  12. A mix tape of songs played at your wedding

Remember to personalise your wedding favours to show your guests that you appreciate the fact that they travelled to celebrate your big day with you.

shutterstock_134231231ENGAGING ENTERTAINMENT

It is important to keep your guests entertained with fun, engaging and unique activities which work to make your wedding memorable. As an example, coffee company Urban Grind can arrange a special, on-site coffee tasting for your guests.

Here are some equally unique entertainment ideas:

  1. An outdoor games table/area
  2. A friends and family photo gallery
  3. Include a super slide in the outside décor
  4. A caricature artist
  5. Instead of confetti consider bubbles
  6. A cotton candy machine
  7. An ice-cream truck
  8. A portable photo booth

Remember to have fun with the process, a destination wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and so try to handle the ensuing stress and pressure in your stride, you will only plan something like this once in your life and many tend to become consumed by anxiety. This will not serve you well, so remember that things will not always run smoothly but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the process.

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